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Dr. Alexis Tischler DVM, CHPV

Long Island's Certified Hospice Veterinarian

Dr. Alexis Tischler was born and raised in Massapequa, Long Island, NY. She attended Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science and Master’s degree in Teaching with a dual certification in both Biology and Agriculture.


She then attended Colorado State University in pursuit of her lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian. While attending CSU, she served as a manager and volunteer for their Pet Hospice Program from 2013-2016 & has known since her early years of veterinary school that her true calling was to work in end-of-life veterinary care. She has always found herself the most fulfilled by being able to help owners during the most delicate time of their beloved pet’s life.  She has a true passion for comforting owners through this difficult process as much as she is honored to peacefully assist her clients' beloved pets.

After graduating, Dr. Alexis became one of currently only 215 veterinarians in the World who are certified specialty veterinarians in animal hospice and palliative care by the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC) & she is also certified by

the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA).  These certifications are 1.5 years of additional veterinary training specific to geriatric conditions, pain management as well as peaceful techniques for euthanasia within a home setting. 

She is currently the only Veterinarian on Long Island with these unique credentials and a special interest/certification (CHPV) in Animal Hospice and Palliative Care/Home Euthanasia.

(As recognized on

She worked in Colorado for two years following graduation and she has compassionately assisted over 2,000 beloved pets with gentle and peaceful home euthanasia.  While in Colorado, she worked for the very first Home Euthanasia company, which pioneered this very delicate line of work. 

When it comes to compassionate home euthanasia, Dr. Alexis is truly an expert in her field.


Dr. Alexis firmly believes that the key to an animal's quality of life is supportive client communication.

She prides herself on being available for her clients and all communication is directly with her.  She does not have a receptionist and does not utilize call center operators as she wants to be able to address your important questions and biggest concerns from the very start.  This helps to make this delicate process as comforting as possible for everyone involved.  

After working for larger companies, Dr. Alexis is so honored to be back home in New York where she can practice authentically, compassionately and in a more personalized fashion.  She is hoping to make Long Island as pet friendly as she found Colorado to be, starting with bringing Certified Animal Hospice and Palliative Specialty Care home to Long Island.  Pets are certainly family and providing compassionate End-of-Life Veterinary Care right in the comfort of home is one of the best gifts we can give to our cherished companions after their loyal journey by our sides.


In her spare time, Dr. Alexis makes the most of her New York lifestyle by putting some time aside for cooking and shopping. She currently lives in Farmingdale with her husband, Paul, and their mini zoo which includes their dogs (Letty, Keiko, Nora & FroYo), two cats (Simba and Chubbs), hamsters (Eclair and Mozzerella "Ella"), dumerils boa (Shenron), and their playful chinchilla (Olive).

Dr. Alexis' goal is to build awareness of this much needed service and the importance of the IAAHPC Certification and CHPV credentials when a family is seeking the most peaceful and comprehensive End-of-Life Veterinary Care for their beloved pet as well as support for the entire family including children and other pets.  CHPV Veterinarians are the AVMA preferred End-of-Life Veterinary Care providers as these veterinarians have the mastery skill set to provide peaceful home euthanasia when operating alone in the field. 


Dr. Alexis firmly believes in quality veterinary care over quantity of appointments.  She truly cares about you and your pet.

She is very thankful and honored to now be able to serve New York pets & their loving families across

Nassau County, Suffolk County & Eastern Queens.




Why Comforted Companions

is the best option for your family?

Comforted Companions Veterinary Care strives to provide the most compassionate, comprehensive, affordable and professional at-home, end-of-life veterinary services to all Long Island families.

We are your small, local, private, Certified and most personalized option

in the Long Island area.

Deciding which service to choose for your beloved pet can be overwhelming. 

Dr. Alexis truly enjoys making this entire process

easier for your family and most importantly, your pet.

While there are various options for companies which provide non-certified hospice services, we believe in Certified Veterinary Hospice/Euthanasia Care and will always remain true to our belief in compassionate, quality care over quantity of appointments.

Our appointments will never feel like a business transaction.

You will never have to enter your Zip Code on our website as we are a one-of-a-kind local service and

we treat your pet like family and the one-of-a-kind companion that he/she is...

We do not follow a one-fits-all-approach and

each appointment is customized

for your pet's current health status and your family's wishes

for aftercare and keepsake items.

**Customizing and modifying each appointment and sedation/anesthesia protocol for each individual patient's needs is so important for the overall experience and to allow for the most peaceful transition possible.**

We proudly serve all of Long Island from the Nassau/Queens border,

all the way to the East End. 

Dr. Alexis is pleased to address any and all questions you may have concerning your pets well-being.  With Comforted Companions you will never feel rushed or pressured to make a decision that you are not comfortable with & should you decide that you are not quite ready to say goodbye just yet, Dr. Alexis can help you decide on the time that might be best for you and your pet.

Each service offered by Comforted Companions Veterinary Care is provided with the following unique standards of care:

  • Compassionate and customized care by one of the very few Certified Hospice Veterinarians (CHPV) in the World/Experts in End-of-Life Veterinary Care, euthanasia within a home setting and geriatric conditions.  Currently the only CHPV veterinarian on Long Island.

  • Currently the only AVMA preferred End-of-Life Veterinary Care service on Long Island.

  • Dr. Alexis has been nominated as of September 2020 for Best Veterinarian in the Bethpage Best of Long Island 2021 Contest.

  • We offer fair and competitive pricing compared to Corporate/Nationwide/Non-Certified Options to help reduce family stress during an already difficult time...

  • Always communicate directly with Dr. Alexis from first contact through final appointment.   Dr. Alexis always provides FREE phone consults in order to allow you to get to know her prior to her arrival to your home 

  • Expertise in palliative & hospice care backed by an internationally recognized certification and experience with compassionately assisting over 2,000 families with peaceful End-of-Life Veterinary Care

  • A unique, small, local, non-corporate/non-nationwide, privately owned Long Island grown business

  • Complementary comfort gift & Dr. Alexis' self-authored Pet Loss Support Booklet for each family

  • Multiple paw print and fur clipping keep sake options 

  • Handouts and resources provided for families regarding children and pet loss and addressing other pets in the home

  • Flexible days/hours scheduled around client demand to best accommodate all families.

  • Small and local business with reasonably priced appointments and late-night and weekend fees.

  • Social Media memorial posts to honor each pet individually

  • Partnership with a local pet loss support specialist to ensure families receive the most complete care and assistance, even after the passing of a beloved pet. (Please see Grief Support tab for more details)

  • Partnership with a Certified Private Crematory (Pet Meadow), which treats your pet with the same high standard of respect and dignity as Dr. Alexis 

  • A donation in your pet's honor to the Colorado State University Pet Hospice Program


Comforted Companions Veterinary Care offers a number of appointment options that will allow you to make the right decision for you and your family all of which are outlined in the Our Services section.

Services Offered

Our prices vary for each appointment based on home location, day/time, and type of appointment,

as well as other variables.  (See details below)

*On average, each appointment is ~3 hours of Dr. Alexis' time and specialized care*

Please contact us to get an individualized quote based on your specific needs.

*Due to the nature of her mobile practice, Dr. Alexis is unable to perform diagnostics and will always recommend that you continue working with your pet’s primary care veterinarian in the event that you are seeking further answers or more advanced diagnostic testing and treatment.

                                                                          *Please note that Dr. Alexis reserves the right to decline any pet euthanasia.*
While uncommon, Dr. Alexis wants to make sure that the right decision is being made for the entire family, including your pet. Discussing your pet’s health status and quality of life with Dr.  Alexis will help her to best guide your decision. Dr. Alexis is a sole practitioner. She is unfortunately unable to assist with aggressive & feral cases.  These cases are best addressed under the supervision of a full veterinary team in a clinical setting. This is to ensure the proper level of safety & care for your pet and your family.

Quality of Life Assesment

* By Telemedicine only * - 9AM - 4PM  -  $150

The most common question asked in regard to pet euthanasia is:

“How will I know when it's time?” 

The quality of life assessment is best for families who understand that their pet’s condition is declining and who would appreciate assistance deciding "when" the time to say goodbye is most appropriate. This supportive appointment is approximately one hour and conducted via telemedicine and includes supportive information as well as a list of symptoms to watch for that might suggest a decline in your pet's condition. This appointment will include a packet of helpful resources, which will be emailed to you for review with your entire family. 

Hospice & Palliative Care Evaluation

9AM-4PM (please book 24hrs in advance) - Starting at $400 (rechecks starting at $250)



A hospice evaluation includes a quality of life assessment as well as the development of a hospice care plan for your pet which will likely include pain management, symptomatic control through medications and fluids, environmental modifications, and diet changes as needed with the goal of making your pet’s remaining time as comfortable as possible.

While animal hospice and palliative care is fully supported, it must be recognized that not all animals are hospice candidates & you'll be receiving our professional opinion on what the best medical & ethical course of action is for your companion animal. The hospice evaluation appointment runs anywhere from an hour to two hours.

Compassionate In-home Euthanasia

9AM - 8PM - Starting at $325 (see below for cremation costs & any additional fees) 

Every in home pet euthanasia appointment starts with a discussion about your pet, their condition, and your wishes for their care to make sure everyone in your family is on the same page. The euthanasia process will be explained in full detail, this allows you to feel prepared & better able to focus on your pet. Questions or concerns are welcomed at any point throughout the appointment & families are given as much time as they need with their pet before, during, and after.

*Please note:  Euthanasia appointments are typically one hour.  This is to ensure that Dr. Alexis is able to help as many families as possible who require her services, especially in emergencies.  

In the event a family is in need of extra time or requests a quality of life discussion prior to a euthanasia, the additional cost for veterinary consultation time will be billed hourly.  (See below)

Post-Passing Care Transport &    Respectful Cremation Options

9AM - 8PM Starting at $175 (see below for cremation costs & any additional fees)

In the event your pet passes away on their own, Comforted Companions Veterinary Care is available to come to your home to help make final arrangements and transport your pet to the crematory for body care.

Private Cremation: includes transportation, choice of urn & engraved nameplate.
Delivery options for ashes will be discussed during the appointment
Pickup at your local veterinarians office within 2 weeks is most common.
0-3lbs $300  -  4-49lbs $325  -  50-99lbs $350  -  100-149lbs $375  -  150+lbs call for quote

***We are very proud to offer PRIVATE cremation vs. Individual or Separate.***

Dr. Alexis is happy to answer questions regarding the important details of cremation. 

A viewing is possible through our crematory for an additional fee.

(paid directly to the crematory)
Communal Cremation: includes transportation & cremation only
Ashes are scattered within a reserved area on the crematory property rather than returned, but owners are welcome to visit during normal crematory property hours.
0-3lbs $100  -  4-49lbs $125  -  50-99lbs $150  -  100-149lbs $175  -  150+lbs call for quote

Dr, Alexis will provide all pet aftercare options, memorial ideas - including a paw print options and fur clippings, and 
pet loss support information. 

Memorial paw print options are available for both private & communal options

and range from $10 to $40.

(Dr. Alexis will have samples of urns and paw prints shown below on hand.)


Personal and caring ashes delivery to your home (by appointment):

Prices vary by location & range from $50 - $100.  

Scheduling & Additional Fees

We offer fair and competitive pricing compared to Corporate/Nationwide/Non-Certified Options

to help reduce family stress during an already difficult time...

Please note that all appointments are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Therefore it is recommended that you contact us prior to your desired appointment day and time to inquire about availability for the week.  Dr. Alexis' voicemail will typically state her next available appointment and any closure dates.  

** Dr. Alexis is a sole practitioner.  She strives to provide a personal, unique and caring experience to all families in need of her services.  Out of respect and fairness to all families within the community, Dr. Alexis is unable to temporarily hold appointments and/or book multiple appointment time slots for each individual family.  She understands that this is an incredibly difficult decision for you and your family to make.  If you are in need of additional guidance and assistance, Dr. Alexis recommends her Quality of Life Assessment Appointment to help comfort you and guide you. **  

Please note that appointments are weather permitting and while Dr. Alexis will do her best to keep every appointment, there are rare occasions when appointments may need to be rescheduled due to inclement weather.

In addition to the starting prices listed above, the following small additional fees will apply based on day, time & location.

Weekend and Evening Fee: Saturdays, Sundays and weekdays from 5PM-730PM - $75  

PLEASE NOTE that Dr. Alexis is unavailable for after hours emergencies and unavailable by phone from 8PM - 9AM.  In the event of an emergency, she highly recommends the following clinics:

- VCA Westbury & Emergency Center of Westbury - 516-420-0000. 24/7 Care.

- Atlantic Coast Veterinary Specialists - Bohemia - 631-285-7780. 24/7 Care.

- VEG - Veterinary Emergency Group - Locations in Carle Place (516) 693-8859 and Commack (631) 462-6044

  Care is 24/7 on the weekends only and overnight hours only during the week.

- East End Veterinary Center - Riverhead - (631) 369-4513. 24/7 Care.

Distance Related Fees:

West of Meadowbrook Pkwy $25 - West of Nassau Blvd/Ocean Ave $50 - West of Cross Island Pkwy to Van Wyck. $75

(We do not service West of Van Wyck Expressway) (Servicing Eastern Queens by request and availability) 

Beach Towns, off of Loop Parkway, Robert Moses, etc. - $25 

East of Rt-111 $25 - East of Rt-112 $50 - East of Wading River Rd./Wading River Manor Rd. Please call for quote

North of Northern Blvd/25A  $25

Larger Breeds: There will be an additional fee for dogs weighing 90lbs or more.
This will be discussed during your initial call with Dr. Alexis so that an accurate quote can be provided.

**Special request for an additional person to help carry/transport your pet for cremation will be $50.

Additional Time:  Each appointment with Dr. Alexis is typically one hour.  In the event a family is in need of any additional doctor discussion/consultation time throughout the regularly scheduled appointment the additional time is billed at an hourly rate of $100/hour. 

Cancellations: Please be courteous to other families in need of Dr. Alexis' services.  She asks that you please cancel 24 hours prior to your appointment, if necessary.  In the event the doctor arrives to your home and you elect to cancel at that time, a $100 cancellation fee (plus the distance fee) will be charged due to time and travel costs.

Holidays: Appointments on the following holidays incur an additional $150 fee: New Years Eve (after 3PM), New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve (after 3PM) & Christmas Day. Payment can be made


Payment is made at the start of the appointment following paperwork

and the family's decision for respectful aftercare.  It is best to do payment first

so the remainder of the appointment can focus and you and your beloved pet.

Cash or check are preferred (made out to Comforted Companions),

but we do accept all major credit cards.  

Please contact us for your individualized quote & Dr. Alexis can walk you through the appointment in full detail as well as answer any questions and address any of your concerns. CALL TODAY AND HEAR THE DIFFERENCE.