At Comforted Companions Veterinary Care, we enjoy having the ability

to offer pet families many keepsake and memorial item options.

(We have plenty in our home too!)


We are so honored and excited to announce that we now offer

Pet Photo Shoots!









Dr. Alexis’ husband, Paul, is a talented and dedicated photographer who loves working with pets.

Animals are always fun to work with and having your beloved pet’s snapshot to save for all of time is priceless.


We offer pet photoshoots for all pet families in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

To inquire about this service or to book an appointment, please contact us via email at: and please include your town and phone number in the email. 


**PLEASE do not contact us via the Comforted Companions Veterinary Care phone number regarding pet photoshoots as this number is solely used for our End-of-Life Veterinary Care Services.**

Photoshoot cost: $150 (plus distance fees based on mileage).

Payment: Cash or check made out to Comforted Companions. 

We look forward to working with you and meeting your adorable fur family!

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