Compassionate & Customized Euthanasia

in the comfort of your own home


You welcomed a wonderful pet into your home to become a member of your family and the moment you never thought would come, might be here.  It is the most difficult decision you will ever have to make during your beloved pet's journey.  You most likely feel heartbroken, confused and conflicted.  This is because making end-of-life decisions for your four-legged family member is never easy.  Dr. Alexis is a gifted and dedicated expert in her field and is here to comfort your entire family.  She is ready to answer your important questions and address your biggest concerns.  She prides herself on providing a personal and individualized experience, starting from the very first phone call, as all communication is directly with her.  If she believes more can be done for your beloved pet, this is the very first guidance she will provide to you.  She understands the importance of receiving compassionate End-of-Life Veterinary Care in the privacy of your own home, where your pet is most comfortable, making this difficult time as peaceful and stress free as possible for you, your family and most importantly, your loyal pet.

Dr. Alexis provides the personal, gentle, peaceful and customized care your 

one-of-a-kind, cherished companion deserves.

To learn more about Dr. Alexis and her high standard of care and respect,

please read her informative bio in the About Dr. Alexis section.

The entire process and all communication from first phone call, to the appointment

to the final wishes for your pet are carried out directly by Dr. Alexis.

Small.  Local.  Private.  Certified.  Compassionate.  Caring.  Knowledgeable.  Professional. 


** A Small Business with a BIG Heart ** 

One phone call and we promise that you will hear the compassionate difference.

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By Long Island's Only Certified Hospice/Home Euthanasia Veterinarian (CHPV),

Dr. Alexis Tischler DVM, CHPV


Comforted Companions Veterinary Care provides the caring & professional veterinary services your beloved pet deserves right in the comfort of your own home

Veterinarian Dr Alexis Tischler with two dogs

Dr. Alexis Tischler


Dr. Alexis has always found herself the most fulfilled being able to help pet owners during the most delicate time of their beloved pet’s life. As a Long Island Local Business owner and sole, Certified Hospice Veterinarian at Comforted Companions Veterinary Care she is able to practice with the highest standard of end-of-life veterinary care for pets and their families in their time of need. As a Long Island native, she is honored to be able to help New York families and their loyal companions.

words of appreciation

"This was a most positive experience on one of the worst days of my life. I am so grateful for Dr. Tischler. She was phenomenal. So much compassion and I just got a sympathy card from her today, which was a lovely gesture and totally unexpected. She made an awful day better and the compassion and care was really appreciated. I was so glad my shiba inu could be in her own home when the time came, and I was also glad Dr. Tischler was there for her. She was amazing."

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