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Compassionate & Customized Euthanasia in the comfort of your own home



You welcomed a wonderful pet into your home to become a member of your family and the moment you never thought would come, might be here.  It is the most difficult decision you will ever have to make during your beloved pet's journey and it is the most important process you will experience together.  You most likely feel heartbroken, confused and conflicted.  This is because making end-of-life decisions for your four-legged family member is never easy.  Dr. Alexis is a gifted and dedicated expert in her field and is here to comfort your entire family.  She is ready to answer your important questions and address your biggest concerns.  She prides herself on providing a personal and individualized experience, starting from the very first phone call, as all communication is directly with her.  If she believes more can be done for your beloved pet, this is the very first guidance she will provide to you.  She understands the importance of receiving compassionate End-of-Life Veterinary Care in the privacy of your own home, where your pet is most comfortable, making this difficult time as peaceful and stress free as possible for you, your family and most importantly, your loyal pet.

Dr. Alexis provides the personal, gentle, peaceful and customized care your 

one-of-a-kind, cherished companion deserves and she has the exact professional veterinary training to do just that as she is the only local veterinarian with advanced training in this delicate line of work.  This can make a big difference for your pet as each step is carefully thought out.

She works individually and due to her extensive background

and skill set in certified end-of-life veterinary care,

she does not require the assistance of a technician or assistant,

which means a warmer and more personal approach to your beloved pet's final moments

and less stimulation/anxiety for your pet as well.

Dr. Alexis'  specific training and methods are the top AVMA preferred

End-of-Life Veterinary Care methods.  Dr. Alexis and other CHPV providers have the mastery skill set to provide peaceful home euthanasia when operating alone in the home.  


**Dr Alexis discusses this important certification often because

she believes families deserve the right to know

the exact care they will be receiving for their delicate pet, especially in a home setting.**

To learn more about Dr. Alexis and her high standard of care and respect,

please read her informative bio in the About Dr. Alexis section.

The entire process and all communication from first phone call, to the appointment

to the final wishes for your pet are carried out directly by Dr. Alexis.



Small.  Local.  Private.  Certified.  Compassionate.  Caring.  Knowledgeable.  Professional. 


** A Small Business with a BIG Heart ** 

One phone call and we promise that you will hear the compassionate difference.

Our goal is to guide you honestly and ethically, not simply just chat to book an appointment.  We take the time to get to know you, your pet and your family.

SUPPORT Certified Veterinary Hospice Care.  SUPPORT Local.

Supporting local and certified End of Life Veterinary Care

truly means more personalized care and support for your family.

Read our many Google Reviews and

Visit our Facebook Page to read our numerous and detailed Facebook Reviews.



By Long Island's FIRST & ONLY Certified Hospice/Home Euthanasia Veterinarian (CHPV),
Dr. Alexis Tischler DVM, CHPV
Dr. Alexis is currently the only Veterinarian on Long Island with an advanced post-doctoral certificate (CHPV)
in End-of-Life Veterinary Care including various humane home euthanasia techniques,
geriatric conditions, palliative pain management/hospice care & quality of life assessing. 



Comforted Companions Veterinary Care provides the caring & professional veterinary services your beloved pet deserves right in the comfort of your own home

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Veterinarian Dr Alexis Tischler with two dogs

Dr. Alexis Tischler


Dr. Alexis has always found herself the most fulfilled being able to help pet owners during the most delicate time of their beloved pet’s life. As a Long Island Local Business owner and sole, Certified Hospice Veterinarian at Comforted Companions Veterinary Care she is able to practice with the highest standard of end-of-life veterinary care for pets and their families in their time of need. As a Long Island native, she is honored to be able to help New York families and their loyal companions.

Dr. Alexis is extremely grateful for her heartfelt Google Reviews.  If your family would appreciate client references and the opportunity to chat directly with one of Dr. Alexis' client families, please mention this to Dr. Alexis during your initial phone consult.  She will be happy to offer you personal client references.

Client Words of Appreciation
Read many more reviews on Google to learn why Comforted Companions is the
Top Rated Home Euthanasia Service on Long Island


I made two calls when it was time to make the decision to help my beloved dog pass at home. The first call was to a chain company that’s commonly mentioned. I left a message and waited. It took several hours for someone to finally get back to me and the person who returned my call was an operator who made appointments and dispatched vets in my area. I was directed to their website for answers to my questions about the procedure and what that would be like. It felt impersonal and I ended that call with even more questions.

I then called and left a message for Dr. Alexis through her website. She called back quickly and I immediately felt at ease. She was so empathetic and patient. This call was not just an appointment booking to her. She explained her work, answered every question I had, and was so reassuring. I cannot recommend Dr. Alex and her services highly enough. She was the most caring and professional individual from the start. She called and checked in each day prior to our scheduled appointment to see how we were holding up and how our dog was doing as well.

The appointment itself was actually very beautiful and left us with such a sense of peace and closure. We never felt rushed and Dr. Alexis was so loving towards our dog. Her attention to detail was impressive. She sent us the most beautiful card afterwards and personally delivered our dogs ashes. Dr. Alexis is a special soul who clearly has a gift. She made the worst and most difficult time for our family into something beautiful for us to remember which I never thought could have been possible.

The fact that she is the only trained and certified hospice veterinarian on Long Island was reassuring and I believe truly made a difference in the care my pet received in the end. It is also nice to know that I was supporting a local business by using Comforted Companions.

A - Farmingdale, New York

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